Hello and welcome to Troidzone; a story with trace amounts of romance, comedy, adventure, sci-fi and pure morbidness.

Come watch eight losers play a videogame where no one wins.

This comic is designed to be 'quick read' with limited narrative.

This will change - of course - during moments of story exposition.

Everything will be self-contained, meaning no memes or shout-outs and minimum references.

Troidzone is written by Mary "Tinker Jet" Bruhand and illustrated by Elizabeth "Foxy" Domanico Mercer.

 When I was a child, I didn't go out of the house very much, but thanks to my father's background in computer programming, we had access to one of the earliest computers, the Commodore Vic-20. I would spend many hours playing games like Raid on Fort Knox (where you played a thief who stole gold out of Fort Knox) and Avenger (Space Invaders adaption).

After getting cable for the first time at the age of seven, I began watching cartoons and following my mother's passing, I was encouraged to write as a form of therapy.

Over the years, I've tried to incorporate elements of things I enjoy into my stories and include both good and bad traits in every character I create to add a sense of realism. Despite my love for mixing realism into my writing, I also have a love for whimsical idealism and this has led to my love of things like voice acting. I love to portray characters who are unlike myself and play pretend. It helps me to temporarily let go of physical restraints. At times when I write, I still read along while making funny voices.

I originally met the Troidzone artist, Foxy, in 2010 (through a friend who I've known since 2004) and she has been the driving force behind this comic. She encourages me to share what I love with the world and gives me the means to do it. I've now made a tradition out of visiting her each year and either bringing or making a special treat to share. (The first year, I brought a peach pie and the second year, I made a cheesecake! Both times, the treats were delicious!)

I am ambitious and have big plans for the future. I'd like to learn how to draw, improve my writing skill, get back to voice acting, and ideally, make a name for myself over time. Despite working a full-time job and caring for my family, I am dedicated to Troidzone and will possibly consider other projects down the line once I'm convinced that Troidzone's entire script (from beginning to end) is satisfactory.

 I was born in the suburbs, so suffice it to say, I like peace and quiet. I honestly don't remember much about drawing before 10 years old, but during Nickolodeon's golden age (Rugrats, Ren and Stimpy, Rocko's Modern Life, etc) I remember taping episodes, pausing the video and drawing the character on the screen. I've been obsessed with cartoons since. After Nick started to change, Cartoon Network was airing Dragonball Z, and I remember never being so excited about this style of cartoon. Needless to say, Dragonball Z was my first introduction to anime. Anime, as you can see, has had a great impact on my style. Practicing every day has gotten me as good as I am today, and I am still far from great. I also have not yet found my own style, unless... this is it and I just hate it.

I enjoy drawing very much, but I also love singing and music, playing video games, and talking to my friends. While I was a sophomore in high school, I met my fiancÚ, and a few years later was introduced to the webcomic's author, Tinker Jet. "THE" Panda Man (my fiancÚ) and Tinker Jet had been friends for a long time previously. Tinker Jet came to all of us once and asked what we thought would be best: an animated series or a webcomic for her story. I remember telling her I thought animation would be more difficult, and finding an animator would be even more so than a webcomic artist. So when she decided on a webcomic, I offered to help her by drawing. This was at least two years ago, and since then, we've been working to create all that you see before you.

My future plans include finding my own unique style and drawing for a living, not surprising. Along with working a part time job, I have numerous projects in the mix, even ones that flow outside of the realm of digital media. I'm not expecting to be listed as one of the great cartoonists, but I hope to at least be noticed one day. Aside from dreams of aspiration, I want what every other person wants out of life; to be happy, healthy and love what I do.

 All of the Troidzone website graphics were done by Elizabeth "Foxy" Domanico and programmed by Taylor "Osprey" Gillis. We will do our best to make this website easy to navigate and provide updates whenever necessary.

The website will be primarily used to host the comic you've all come to read, give details on the characters (that won't be posted anywhere else), and provide downloadable content for your enjoyment.