Troidzone Credits

Writer / Creator

Mary "Tinker Jet" Bruhand

Lead / Comic Artist

Elizabeth "Foxy" Domanico Mercer

Concept Artists

Elizabeth "Foxy" Domanico Mercer
Erin "Overshadowed Destiny" Innis (Troid, Excalibur, Bob, Kazuya, Lance, Leon, Sasha, Megan, Elizabeth, Alex and Chris)
Aleena Beckett (Dean and Ace/Douglas)
Tony Coats II (Tomayo and Sagittarius)
Lee "Koivo" Koivunen (Dome and Crystal)
Genna "Sparx Thunder" (Website Background Concept Art)
Mayara Vidal Garcia (Website Button Concept Art)

Website Programmers

Taylor "Osprey" Gillis
Mary "Tinker Jet" Bruhand

Special Thanks To

Harrison "THE Panda Man" Mercer
Lacey Ewald


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