Troidzone General FAQ

What age group is Troidzone aimed at?

Just to be safe, I tend to recommend it to people who are around 16+.
There won't be any content included that isn't 'safe for work', so-to-speak.
There will be minimal blood, moderate language and zero nudity.
There WILL however, be violence in both the videogame and in 'reality'.
There will also be occasional talks of religion (since these characters have various beliefs).

Ask Tinker Jet

How did Tinker Jet come up with her username?

In the year 2000, I fell in love with a cartoon series, created an original character for it and began writing fanfiction. Later that year, I realized that the only character I had created was male and wanted a second character; a female. So I created Tinker Jet who was meant to be a curious, resourceful character who was made purposely to help explore the world I was building. Originally, the name was just Tinker (which can mean to fiddle/experiment/test OR to fix/mend/repair) but it felt so empty on its own.

One day, I sat through school, taking notes as I struggled to come up with an addition to the name. That's when a plane flew over the school and I thought, "Tinker Plane? No. Tinker Helicopter? Heck no! Tinker Jet? N -- Hey, wait a second. That actually has a nice ring to it." The bonus is that Jet has a lovely double-meaning in that it can also mean to move very quickly. Since Tinker Jet's character was primarily an explorer, builder and mender, this name suited her perfectly.

The character has since changed a lot, as I have, but while I may not have much in common with my character anymore, the name has remained the same and I continue to use it as my online identify.

Ask Foxy

How did Foxy come up with her username?

A while back, I signed all of my drawings as "FoxPirate" and since then, most of my usernames have been FoxPirate.

I am a fox, and I am a pirate... the awesome kind. Foxy became my nickname for obvious reasons. Tada.